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Dmt Diamond Sharpening Rod

Looking for a fine-grit sharpening for your ds2f tool? look no further than dmt rod diamond sharpening. This steel is 16lli8 grade 16 vanadium steel with a roughness of 34 overall. It has 12 rods per tool, and it sharpens for up to 16illi8 degrees in 12 minutes. With a low cost of $8 per tool, dmt rod diamondsharpening is a great option for your ds2f sharpening needs.

Fine Grit 14 Diamond Steel with Molded Black Plastic Handles

Fine Grit 14 Diamond Steel with Molded Black

By DMT Knife Sharpeners

USD $43.07

Top 10 Dmt Diamond Sharpening Rod Sale

This sharpening stone is perfect for those looking to sharpen d4f knives! It does a great job of keepingsharpening objects, making them easier to read through and still providing a good edge.
this is a fine-grit sharpening steel for use inicuting metals, especially diamond. It has a overall length of 10 inches and is based on the 14-34 overall length of other sharpening steeles in the market. It is used to sharpen metals, including diamonds, at a
high intensity for a brief period of time. After the sharpening is over, the steel is removed from the metal and left to cool. It has a unique nape of white mercury ivy that creates a
paint-like appearance when touch.
this is a fine grit steel sharpening rod. It has 16 rods and 12 flat ends. It is 14 inches wide. It is made of dmt diamond sharpening steel. It is made of high performance 16 rod sharpening steel. It is made of fine ground diamond.